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A fresh start: changes ahead to our coverage, look and feel

Brooks Tigner

Since its launch in 2006, SECURITY EUROPE has revamped its website only once. And it is time to do so again. There will be changes not only to the look and feel of the replacement website, but what it covers. Europe’s security situation has, obviously, undergone a sea-change since the more optimistic days of early 2007, before the financial crisis struck and, especially, well before Russia’s relations with the West took a dive south, both figuratively and literally.

In addition, the nature of security policy in Europe has evolved just as significantly. From its segregated approaches to “internal” versus “external” security, the union and its member states now understand they need (read: “have no choice but”) to align, if not  fuse, their domestic and foreign policy objectives. Only by doing so can they hope to protect their region from harm, whether military, terrorist or economic.

SECURITY EUROPE’s syncretic approach to reporting on such issues, based on observation closely twinned with analysis, will continue. Keep your eye on this space.

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