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Wider use of pre-commercial procurement could give a competitive boost to European security industry

Euro-View: John Olliver on Europe’s Security Industry Despite a healthy European market turnover in 2009 of more than EUR 20 billion, according to European Organisation for Security (EOS) studies, public R&D spending in security is ten times lower in Europe than in the USA. This funding gap represents a potential threat to the competitiveness of the European security industry, at …

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Quality – not just the price – is vital when authorities and clients are tendering for aviation security services

Euro-View: CoESS on Aviation Security However, these do not take into account the quality of the aviation security services being provided. In addition, private customers and public authorities tend to be overly focused on finding the lowest cost in tendering procedures, thereby neglecting the importance of quality. In order to assure security, quality standards – and not only price factors …

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