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Upcoming European security conferences & exhibits (15/11/2012)

Events Calendar

Here are some upcoming events related to European civil security we think readers should be aware of:

Safety and Security aspects of Civil-Military Co-ordination in Air Traffic Management
(organised by the Cyprus Presidency of the European Union Council)
23 November 2012, Athens, Greece

ENISA High Level event 2012 – EU Cyber Cooperation
27 November 2012, Brussels, BE

Privacy and Emerging Technologies: International Conference of the FP7 PRESCIENT Project
27–28 November 2012, Berlin, DE

BSC Berlin Security Conference
27-28 November 2012, Berlin, DE

Public Safety Communication Europe Forum (PSCE) Annual Conference 2012
28-29 November 2012, Rome, IT

Maritime Security Round Table 2012
29 November 2012, Brussels, BE

ENISA Workshop on Minimum Security Measures for Smart Grids
29 November 2012, Brussels, BE

5th Annual Defeating IEDs Training Workshops and Technology Exhibition
3-4 December 2012, Brussels, BE

3rd Annual European Data Protection & Privacy Conference
4 December 2012, Brussels, BE

RPAS CivOps: Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems Civil Operations Conference
4-5 December 2012, Brussels, BE

Securing Organisations against Cyber Attacks
6 December 2012, London, UK

Piracy Incident Management Workshop
12-13 December 2012, Antwerp, BE

5th Annual Conference on EU Space Policy
29-30 January 2013, Brussels, BE

Lone Actor Terrorism: Implications for Border Security
26 February 2013, Bucharest, RO

Border Security Conference
27-28 February 2013, Bucharest, RO

European Smart Grid Cyber and SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) Security
11-12 March 2013, London, UK

Infosecurity Europe – Information Security Conference
23-25 April 2013, London, UK

Counter Terror Expo
24-25 April 2013, Olympia, London, UK

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